Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My doctor just came into check me. I am 50-60 percent effaced, maybe dilated to a 1. The nurse bumped up my pitocin again.

I am really not frustrated because I knew this process would take along time and I am not in any pain. I was in more pain on friday night when I was having contractions for 8 hours every 15 minutes.




I think its going to take some effort to get Joelson out. He likes it in there all warm and cozy I guess. I am having regular contractions but they are very light.

I hope to see my doctor again soon so he can tell me if I have made any progress.

Joe went home to eat lunch and check on Cadet. He took a picture of Cadet laying at the bottom of the stairs looking all sad. He misses his mommy.

My mom is here with me but she is passed out on the cot. The suites here at the Valley Hospital are very nice and big. I will deliver in this room when it comes time.

My nurse just came in to bump up my "Pit" as they call it here in the hospital. (Pitocin)

More updates to come....


Waiting for baby....

So we are sitting here in the hospital waiting for Joelson to come. We arrived last night at about 8:30 pm. I was given a pill internally at 10 pm to "ripen my cervix" then another at 2 am. I was having contractions this morning but they were not bad just noticeable about every 5 minutes.

They started me on pitocin at 6 am and my contractions were coming every two to three minutes but were still bearable.

My doctor came in at about 7 am this morning and was surprised that my contractions were coming so fast so he decided to lower my dose of pitocin because he didn't want the baby to wear out to quickly.

So since then they lowered the pitocin, raised it and then raised it again. It is now 10 am.

More updates to come....maybe. :)



Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This morning we had our 39 week appointment. I am being induced as of this evening at 8 pm. They are going to give me medication to "ripen my cervix" instead of giving me pitocin right away so we are starting early, instead of tomorrow like previously planned. My doctor said I will be having contractions but I should be able to sleep through them.

So tomorrow my doctor said we are going to "battle it out" I don't really like the term battle but I guess that is what I will be doing, fighting to get my baby out.

So wish me luck and pray that I will have a safe easy delivery. Pray that Joe will be calm and be able to comfort me and pray that little Joelson with come with ease and be as healthy as a horse.

Love to you all,

Jessica, Joe and baby Joelson

Saturday, April 10, 2010

False Alarm

Yesterday was my last day of work and I started feeling yucky at about 3 pm. I started having regular contractions every 15 minutes when I got home from work about 5 pm. I continued to have contractions until about 11 pm. My mom was concerned so she drove over and arrived here at 2:45 am last night. (she is still in bed sleeping this morning) She deserves it since she is super mom. I feel bad because my contractions stopped but I am glad she is here. She has been the best mom ever these past several months. I am lucky to have her. AWWW I love you mom!

So maybe Joelson will come early or he is just preparing me for Wednesday. Wish me luck!



Our bags are packed!


So I am scheduled to be induced at 6 am on Wednesday April 14th. So unless baby Joelson decides to make an early appearance he should be born that day.

Please pray that I will have a fast easy labor. I am not sure what to expect since my pregnancy has been relatively easy.

My last day of work is tomorrow and I will be back to work on July 6th.

I am very excited and even more excited to know when the big day will be….I feel like a kid the night before Christmas!

Love to you all!